Our Story

The Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton (SCCSE) is a leading non-profit organization and was established as a non-profit organization in 1991. The Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton (SCCSE) was incorporated in March 2001 and is governed by a Board of Directors elected annually by the community members at the annual general meeting.

Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton is run by board of directors who are professional people who work in various industries. The professional are giving their valuable time back to the community in order to uplift the community and make the new Somali Canadians good citizens that contribute to our collective wellbeing.

SCCSE has received funding in the past from the three levels of government and has a good reporting record. SCCSE has specifically received funding from: Public Safety-Crime Prevention, Wild Rose Foundation, Culture and Community Spirit- Alberta Education Fund, Alberta Human Rights, Alberta Justice, Crime Prevention and Restorative Justice,Canadian Heritage, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the City of Edmonton.

The purpose of the organization is to meet the needs of the Somali Canadian community in Edmonton and its surroundings. SCCSE is committed to providing many programs and services to the community to make it easy for them to integrate themselves into the mainstream Canadian society; the services include settlement, social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities. Since its inception in 1991, SCCSE has been offering services free of charge to the community and in the process garnered substantial experience in the delivery of community services.While our efforts are aime

The SCCSE aims to enhance the development of the community through several services. For instance, settlement assistance, public education, community capacity building, mentorship programs provided at schools like after- school programs for children and youth concentrating on areas like homework, school projects, and recreation those are just some of the services SCCSE initiates and participates in. These programs are particularly targeted towards newcomer children and youth in the school system.d at the Somali Canadians from Edmonton and its surroundings our services are open to everyone and are free of charge to all other immigrant and refugee communities in Edmonton.

Since 1991

The Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton was founded in 1991.

Incorporated in 2001

The Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton (SCCSE) was incorporated in March 2001.

Serves Somali Canadian people in the Edmonton area

The purpose of the organization is to meet the needs of the Somali Canadian community in Edmonton and its surroundings.

SCCSE was founded in 1991 by Hassan Ali, a Somali Canadian immigrant with more than twenty years of Canadian education system/settlement experience within Alberta in order to address the needs of Somali Canadian parents with regards to their children’s education as well as the needs of new Canadians.

Canada has one of the largest Somali populations in the western world. Unofficial estimates placing the figure as high as 150,000 and 20,000 of them make Edmonton their home.

Mission and Objectives

SCCSE’s mission is to promote and foster the wellbeing of Somali-Canadian community in Edmonton and its vicinity, as well as to integrate the community into Canadian society. The service this organization provides is open to all Canadians.

Our Objective
    • To serve all Canadians regardless of background.
    • To work with Somali Canadians to help and stabilize community life within Canada.
    • To serve and provide settlement and integration services to newcomers and immigrants from Somalia and to establish a new life that is founded on the dignity of economic self-support and encompasses full participation in opportunities which Canadians enjoy.
    • To promote and provide leadership and educational training for the younger generation to help them become better citizens of Canada.
    • To inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service, sports, nutrition and innovation within Canada.
    • Build facilities for a successful learning and recreational environment.
    • To reach out at risk youth and help them become leaders within their Canadian communities and provide positive values, and life and job skills training that will change their lives and give them hope and opportunity for a new future.
    • To provide a highly disciplined, safe, and professional learning environment that empowers the youth and Provides after school programs to help increase graduation rate
    • To work collaboratively with other service providers to make a difference in developing the community and the society;
    • To unite the communities by creating a socially cohesive environment under the roof of a “Community Centre”.
    • To assist the Somali Canadians in the city of Edmonton and vicinity to have an effective voice in the organizations, institutions and issues that affect their lives.
    • To advocate on issues of concern to the Somali Canadians in the city of Edmonton, the province and at the federal level.
    • To build positive relationship with public and private institutions to enhance services to respond to the needs and competencies of the Somali Canadians in Edmonton and vicinity.
    • To promote dialogue and understanding among the Somali Canadian people in the city of Edmonton, Province and within Canada.
    • To promote and maintain Somali culture, within the Canadian society.
    • To own, operate and maintain buildings and properties for the sole use of the community
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