Kids that attend summer camps during July and August, tend do to better in school, but the benefits of attending summer camp go far beyond better grades. Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton summer camps are as follows:

Reach Ahead

Reach Ahead is a four weeks interactive summer camp program targeting children and youth aged between 5- 15 years old (Grades 1-9). The program provides an opportunity for children and youth to strengthen their skills in core subjects such as Math and English and also participate in other activities such as Arts, heritage Language, Gym as well as field trips. What makes this summer program unique is the addition of culture learning in which the students get the opportunity to learn of their culture, heritage and improve on their first language proficiency.

Heritage Camp

Heritage Summer Camps is a collaborative program between Ghana Friendship Association Edmonton  and Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton, Zimbabwe Cultural society of Alberta, Ethiopian Canadian Community of Edmonton and The Djibouti national organization

This program has been creating lasting summer memories for kids of all ages. We serve families from areas throughout southern side of Edmonton. The organizations from above have shown there is greater need for this kind collaborative to help kids/youth become project, stay out of trouble and become productive and successful citizens of Alberta and Canada.

These organization have successfully run summer program over years within their individual organization and are now trying to collaboratively work together to make the lives of our youth/kids better in the city of Edmonton. Year after year the program expects to see registration of over 100 kids/youth for the summer program.

It is generally recognized that it is essential for a child to share in the growing experiences that summer camp provides, activities that help build confidence and self-esteem.

The summer camp is free for all participants and is focused on fun, with every day consisting of a balanced mix of activities that stimulate the mind, get the creative juices flowing and allow the participants to be active in a safe, supervised environment. Activities include academic enrichment (Math, science, language and computing), sports, games, cultural and heritage activities music and dance, arts and culture, service and leadership, special events, and most importantly FUN!

Program Objectives:

  • Positive effect on the academic success and social behaviour of African children and youth

  • Improved social skills and behavior and a reduction in Juvenile crime

  • Better development of such life skills as leadership and speaking in public, decision-making, and increased dependability and responsibility

  • Increased self esteem, increased popularity, increased sense of personal control, and enhanced identity development;

  • Increased awareness, understanding, and tolerance of other people, cultures, and societies

  • Collaborative experiences, teamwork, and networking with peers strengthened

  • Youth demonstrate understanding of healthy life choices

Family Program Goals

  • To help parents become active participants in their children’s education

  • To prepare African children for academic success in the school system

  • To help restore the parent-child bond that was lost or weakened as a result of the immigration experience


  • Ghana Friendship Association of Edmonton (GFAE)

  • Somali Cultural Association  of Edmonton

  • Ethio-Canadian Community Association of Edmonton

  • Zimbabwe Community Association

  • The Djibouti national organization

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