The SCCSE Team

Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton is run by board of directors who are drawn from all sectors of Somali Society who are professional people who work in various industries. These professionals are giving their valuable time back to the community in order to uplift the community and make the new Somali Canadians good citizens that contribute to our collective well being.

Advisor Board


In order to improve community outreach, community image, and create active voice within our community; we, the board of directors of Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton, have created several committees made up of Somali Canadian professionals from Edmonton and its vicinity.


  • To work with the Somali Canadians to help and stabilize community life in the city of Edmonton and vicinity.
  • To assist the Somali Canadians in the city of Edmonton and vicinity to have an effective voice in the organizations, institutions and issues that affect their lives.
  • To advocate on issues of concern to the Somalis in the city of Edmonton and vicinity.
  • To build positive relationship with public and private institutions to enhance services to respond to the needs and competencies of the Somali Canadians society in Edmonton and vicinity.
  • To promote the image and profile of the Somali Canadians society in the city of Edmonton and vicinity within the larger society.
  • To promote dialogue and understanding among the Somali Canadians people in the city of Edmonton and vicinity.
  • To promote Somali Canadian culture, and values within the Somali Canadians society (Revitalize the use of Somali language among young ones)
  • To promote and encourage physical well-being of our community
  • To visit the sick and incarcerated individuals and help one another for the burial of our deceased.
  • Increase understanding among Somali Canadians from Edmonton and vicinity.
  • Increase our student graduation/ attendance of post-secondary institution
  • Help our youth with job placement/Networking


Outreach Committee: 

The committee shall be responsible for developing and implementing membership strategies, setting goals, establishing priorities and planning activities for securing, retaining and servicing members and the community. It shall advise the Board of Directors on ways of keeping members informed and actively participating in the association’s activities and functions. The Outreach Committee shall coordinate and disseminate to the general public, information concerning the association and its activities. The Outreach Committee, chaired by the Vice-President shall consist of not less than five (5) members.

Communication and Marketing Committee:

The Communication and Promotion Committee shall be composed of two Directors. This committee shall focus on raising overall awareness about the society, awareness of the Somali Canadian community within larger society.

Social Activities Committee:

The Communication and Promotion Committee shall be led by two Directors. This committee shall focus on raising overall awareness about the society organization. The General Activities sub-committee is responsible for carrying out the functions of social events and activities including the following:

  • Organize, prepare and coordinate community social events, such as both Eid celebrations, and pot luck dinners. Special events like fund raising and Somali week.
  • Organize the social activities (such as the provision of food and supplies) associated with the various functions.
  • Organize and prepare youth activity during March break
  • Be part of the summer camp organizers and registration of the people who will participate
  • Re-enforce organization procedure for the summer camp (please request copy of the procedure)
  • Be part of the organizer for winter sports (skiing).
  • Raise the image of the community by having special dinner for the Edmonton homeless during Eid festival and Somali Week. Thiswill show that we care our fellow Edmontonians.
  • Create activity for our seniors/youth and women

 Educational committee:

The aim of this committee consisting of five (5) members where one of the boards of director leading them, shall coordinate activities, designed to carry out the Society’s educational  aims and objectives. The duties of the Education Committee shall include:

  • Overseeing the Home work club
  • Create curriculum and ensure program coordinators and volunteers follow the specified curriculum
  • Create budget for the home work club.
  • Establish liaison with School Boards and other educational institutions.
  • Work with social activity committee to do fund raising dinner to raise fund for the homework club
  • Work with social activity committee  to get the volunteer needed for the program
  • Create curriculum for the summer reach ahead and be part of the registration team.
  • Student  award based on performance. Create scholarship
  • Develop volunteers for the reach ahead summer program
  • Develop education programs for adults

Jobs/Networking Committee:

The committee will be responsible:

  • Share career opportunity with our youth/ new fellow Somali Canadian who recently arrived in Canada
  • Advocate for our un-employed and create a networking environment.

Prison Visiting Committee:

Their mandate shall include:

  • Support all Somali Canadian inmates in local institutions
  • Assist inmates and their families to cope with incarceration; and educate prison staff on the special needs of the inmates. The Committee shall ensure that all institutions within Edmonton and its vicinity are visited regularly and that all Somali Canadians are aided in the exercise of their rights to the fullest extent possible, recognizing that this may go a long way towards their rehabilitation.