Canada has one of the largest Somali populations in the western world. Unofficial estimates placing the figure as high as 150,000 and close to 20,000 of them make Edmonton their home. The Canadian Somali community has been growing significantly in Alberta during the past decade. In the past 10 years (2002-2011), the number of people landing in Edmonton from Somalia has increased by 1,938 per cent. In addition, Edmonton is ranked 2nd in terms of municipalities with the largest Somali Canadian population next to Toronto.

46% of the Somali Canadian community from Edmonton is under the age of 18.

The distribution of youth/kids from Edmonton is as follows:

0 -6 years (13.8%)

7-17 years 32.3%

18 -24 years 15.7%

25 to 44 years 26.7%

45-65 years 10.9%

66 years and over 0.6%

One of the support services our organization provides is direct settlement services to newcomers including:

  •  Assessment of new immigrant and recent arrived,  information sessions, orientation in accessing government services and programs, translation, interpretation, legal, referrals, assist with filling of government forms, power of attorney, notary public,  case management, counselling, employment,  facilitation, advocacy and support in the area of housing, income maintenance, health, child care legal services, career, mental health, training, education, social services, foreign credential certification, health, and other services.
  • Build capacity of families and individuals.  This includes providing targeted workshops and seminars in Somali i.e. dealing with the school system, parenting skills, communications, conflict management, time management, financial management and provide support with housing problems.
  • Community Based Counselling: For many clients, coming to our offices can be difficult. Sometimes, clients lack transportation or childcare. SCCSE provides community-based, culturally-sensitive counselling.
  • Other settlement services we provide include translation and interpretation services, where the Somali language is translated to English and vice versa. This is the area where large number of recent arrivals come to our office and request these services.

We believe that every new person living in Canada can contribute to our society by being provided with the services, programs, and tools to integrate easily and to participate fully in our society. As an organization, we focus on what will best serve our clients’ needs. All services mentioned above are free of charge and are meant to help community members in immigration and settlement issues.

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