Somali and African Youth Economic Revitalization Project (eTraining Program) is a unique idea that is designed to work with Somali and African youth and their communities to address issues of poverty, social, cultural and economic conditions.

Fundamental to the approach of the project is the vision to create a sustainable business model that will assist in poverty and delinquent behaviour waning and/or prevention among youth within Multicultural communities through strategies that bring youths to join efforts and resources to improve their well-being. Hence, building meaningful pro-active and resourceful model, partnerships and networks to improve youth’s future and eventually communities’ conditions

1. Intro / Brainstorming ideas

Participants are placed in groups of 2 or more to develop ideas on types of businesses to create and are given a budget allowing startup costs.

2. How to start a business

Groups learn about business registration and licensing as well as the initial steps to make ideas a reality.

3. Branding

Groups choose a name and slogan, use online tools to create a logo and decide on the brand image.

4. Product Research

Groups research products and prices, contact manufacturers using online tools, negotiate prices and deals to buy goods.

5. Strategy

Groups develop a plan of action designed to achieve an overall aim, identify the target market and advertise the business.

6. Advertising

Groups learn about strategies and messages to promote and sell products, service, ideas and advertise on different platforms.

7. Negotiate & Write Contracts

Groups learn negotiation techniques and how to write contracts for partners and clients. They also learn about ways of pricing and negotiating a price mark down for their products.

8. Social Media 1 & 2

Groups learn how to utilize Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. for marketing purposes. They use social media to advertise and promote their products and obtain customers.

9. Graphic Design & Video Editing

Groups will learn how to use online tools for graphic design and basic video editing techniques to create online content that they can use to advertise and sell their products.

10. Web Design

Groups get to create their own website. Each group gets a budget to buy a domain name and hosting and theme costs in order to create the business website.

11. Money 1 & 2

Groups will learn how to sell their products online. They will also learn about the different options customers could have to purchase from their websites and how to offer and manage payments.

12. Online Services

Groups will learn about free online services that they can use to help grow their business, generate new customers and manage their business work load.

13. Networking

Groups will learn how to network with business people, and fellow entrepreneurs to build relationships & a support system.

14. Presentation Day

A special exhibition themed event will be planned where groups get to present and advertise their company and products to their  communities, businesses and potential customers/clients.


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