SCCSE Youth Soccer Academy.

More than 1/3 of Canadian children can’t participate in sports or recreational activities due to financial barriers. Sports help children establish a pattern of physical activity that continues on into adulthood, helping to build self-esteem, leadership skills and social skills.

SCCSE Soccer Academy’s overarching goal is to be there to assist underprivileged Edmontonian children and their family in their dream of playing amateur sports. We want all kids to have the opportunity to play

SCCSE Soccer Academy will provide quality technical training at the ‘grass roots’ and more elite levels to youth soccer players in Edmonton and surrounding areas by challenging all players technically, tactically, and physically. The Academy is currently working with Free Footie to enable underprivileged youth an opportunity to excel in soccer.

Removing Barriers

Our supervised SCCSE Academy removes barriers that prevents marginalized youth and families from participating in meaningful sports and recreation activities for the development of healthy lifestyles. We use sports and recreation to develop constructive after-school activities for diverse groups of youth.

Research has shown that participating in organized sports has far greater importance than an opportunity to play a game. Team sports is about building relationships, fostering passion.  It’s about sportsmanship and learning one’s strengths and weaknesses. Soccer also teaches kids to respect those others who are different, an invaluable lesson in today’s increasingly diverse society.

The most critical part of a child’s day begins after the final bell rings. Soccer for Success is an after-school program, offered free to participants, that is proven to help kids establish healthy habits and develop critical life skills through trained coach-mentors and family engagement.

Healthy Living

Young athletes are more likely than non-athletes to eat healthily and weigh less, and less likely to smoke cigarettes, use drugs, engage in criminal activity, or be bored or hopeless

Kids attend SCCSE Academy two times a week throughout the academic year. Participants learn about eating right and other ways to stay healthy, and they gain important decision-making and relationship skills from their interactions with coach-mentors and peers.

Fosters positive youth development

Sport contributes positively to adolescent identity formation, a critical step in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Sport also facilitates friendships and positive social relations.

Enhances academic achievement

Sport and physical education can help improve young people’s school attendance, behavior, and academic achievement

SCCSE Soccer Academy to remove Barriers to sports participation for girls

The number of women and girls participating in regular physical activity, recreational sport, and elite competition has increased rapidly in the last few decades. This is significant, considering the fact that no women participated in the first Olympic Games back in 1896. Women and girls, however, who account for more than 50 percent of the population of Canada, continue to be underrepresented in the sport and physical activity system. Significant gender differences persist in participation and leadership in the Canadian sport and physical activity system. Women and girls typically report more barriers to sport and physical activity participation across the lifespan than men and boys, affecting their involvement as participants, athletes, coaches, officials, and leaders.


SCCSE Academy coaches are also mentors. They teach kids the fundamentals of soccer, but also strive to help children build confidence and recognize the value of hard work, teamwork and persistence in achieving personal goals. By learning what it takes to play a team sport, kids are also being prepared to be productive citizens.

Players from all levels and all ages can play the game. There’s a level for everyone

Minis (8 -10 years old)

In this age the kids are divided into teams and the name that is to be given is as follows:

FC M-Amin-G , FC-M-Horyal-G, FC-M-Iftin-G and FC-M-Kajoog-G (Mini G-girls)

FC M-Amin-B , FC-M-Horyal-B, FC-M-Iftin-B and FC-M-Kajoog-B (Mini B-Boys)

Mid-Level ( 12 to 14)

FC ML-Amin-G , FC-ML-Horyal-G, FC-ML-Iftin-G and FC-ML-Kajoog-G (Mid-Level: G-girls)

FC ML-Amin-B , FC-ML-Horyal-G, FC-ML-Iftin-G and FC-ML-Kajoog-G (Mid-Level B-Boys)


The co-ed soccer program will begin on September and runs through throughout the year

Training Schedule:

Every Friday: 5-9pm and then later we will add another day depending on the number of registrant.

Location: 6770 129 Ave, Edmonton, AB.

Cost: $50 registration is required as commitment to the programs and $10/month (large families and low income families will be provided a discount or zero cost depending on their situation.)

A water bottle will be provided to each participant at the beginning of the program and a jersey will be provided prior to the start of the tournament portion of the program.

Registration is mandatory.  On the days of the program, participants must come prepared wearing appropriate clothing, outdoor cleats, snacks and sunblock.

BASKETBALL: Coming soon.

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